Direct Email Marketing

We create, maintain and grow database on which we directly promote your business.
Our list of users is always up-to-date and based on recent data. We offer many ways of target segmentation and filtering to achieve very high performances.
We get to a high level of quality through the use of the best technologies to optimize the streams and inbounds of mail submissions.


Italian Database

4 millions users

Spanish Database

1,5 millions users

Polish Database

0,5 millions users

Australian Database

0,5 millions users

South African Database

0,5 millions users

German Database

0,4 millions users

English Database

1 millions users

French Database

1 millions users

Monetization third-party databases

Our job is to offer email marketing services to boost cleint’s database and manage them.
If you want to send communications or promotions in a professional way to consumer database, we can do it!
We provide advanced mailing and delivery systems.
We also manage large amounts of names by providing an effective tracking tool system.
We can also manage the creativity of your direct marketing activity with our long-term experience in this industry to maximizing the impact of executive target.


East Side manages to connect the advertiser’s company with great precision and effectiveness through a well-defined target planning, maximizing return on investment (ROI).

The satisfaction of our customers is the core of our business; we take the utmost care to carry out high profile campaigns, avoiding exposing the client’s brand to a heterogeneous and unqualified mass.

We always look for the best and most recent solutions, at a 360-degree job by leveraging proven years of experience like direct email marketing and banners, as well as special initiatives and cutting-edge formats to create a strong commitment with the client’s potential customers.

  • We offer you the ability to generate additional subscription volumes in short periods for each type of budget, according to your needs and strategies.
  • We offer you the ability to pay only the performance and real results of your campaigns
  • You ought to pay only for customers who show interest in your business
  • Only through targeted campaigns, combined with our decade-long experience in the industry, we will help you to establish a stable and lasting relationship with your new customers.


Our services are managed by web developers able to create portals and sites of international relevance with a high level of experience.

We are able to develop personalised Landing Pages and Mini Sites with high impact and performance. We create an ever-growing data profiles for your direct marketing and advertising campaigns.

There are already two job search sites: an Italian site ( and a Spanish site (

Other projects are being planned and developed that will continue to provide a broad range of users on well-defined professional targets.